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I'm back! (again)

2011-02-17 21:20:31 by Darkbrand

Yeh, ive been off for a really good time, i was too busy with school/band/work stuff. But now i think i will put my NG account into active mode again. Im going to try making more drawings (Only to burn you people eyes ;D) and maybe i will work on an animation. =D Cya people.


2010-12-10 10:37:05 by Darkbrand

And with some new tricks when it comes to drawing :D Check here the drawing i just finished (Yeh i know its shit but, well, its better than my last shits, a little)

Whatcha think of my drawings?

2010-09-18 21:42:52 by Darkbrand

Well hello everyone, im back for some more drawings (I know they suck, but its my favorite hobby, soo, yeh =D) And i would like to ask u, what u think of my drawings? particularly this one that i made recently with some new techniques? \o/

Whatcha think of my drawings?

This one is for Julianr!

2010-08-19 16:37:18 by Darkbrand

I re-did Julianr drawing, wich you can check here , Hope you and everone else likes it :P.

P.S : Yeh its kinda crappy, because my hand is hurting badly, stupid volleyball ¬¬'

This one is for Julianr!

This is my mind room

2010-08-09 15:37:03 by Darkbrand

When i sleep i dream with this place, when i meditatte, i think of this place, when i need to go to my "happy place" this is where i go...

This is my mind room

While i was in the waiting room

Stupid Drawing that i made in dentist


2010-07-25 15:13:03 by Darkbrand

Apparently trolls think i draw really bad (and i know i do suck a lot) so i'm going to concetrate less in drawing and more on practicing, so i will not upload much of my art, for the happyness of the trolls, but CONSTRUTIVE CRITICISM, is still welcome ;D. Heres another shitty drawing for you trolls ho comment ;D and also another shitty drawing for people ho have a life to say what i should do to make this drawing better, and i when i mean people ho a have a life, i mean people ho wont just sya my drawing sucks, but say why it does.


Well, aparently my psycologist, friends and family(most my mom) Think my art is too "negative" and it's draging me to the clutches of El Diablo, and also making me more depressive (Wich i think it's bullshit), so, yeh, just anime stuff from now on, or maybe a something else not so horryfing, and because of that i'll train a lot more to make stuff better, Yeh :D.

I mean, fuck!I got scouted by DannyP(Great artist, check his page on newgrounds ;D) Somedays ago, and then, one day later M-Bot unscouted me!Why?There's no reason!I mean, my drawings are not good, but they also don't suck, it's the same level of some other arts i found around Newgrounds Art Portal, and i followed all the rules (I didnt even got the time to disobbey one if i wanted to [I dont want to desobey any rule, this is just to make sure you understand that i got unscouted from night to day]).
Worst of all, i don't know what happened and neither DannyP knew, so that's it, M-Bot must be bugged or something, or something happened, i don't know, i'm just fuckin angry that shits like this happen to a lot of people (I have already find 5 people with the same problem) And nobody gives a shit >:C.

Looks, is there anything wrong with my art?!

So, i got myself some tutorials and books about drawing, and now im doing drawings more often, so if you got a opinion on my drawings please let me know, just comment on them, sendm e a PM or post it right here, also, since i lack of creativity sometimes, please if you got any suggestions about something to me to draw, i would happily think about it ;D